Philosophy: The Queen of Sciences

Philosophy: The Queen of Sciences

Philosophy is the search of reasons for various questions that are related to history, science, facts, ideas, mind and language.

Philosophy is the search of reasons for various questions that are related to history, science, facts, ideas, mind and language. The answers of those questions which are related to these topics are confusing, that why an appropriate explanation has to be included with the answers for its justification. Philosophy also includes the learning of the universe, world, and the society that makes it a difficult subject for students. Some students have keen interest in philosophy as they want to know the reason behind everything like how day and night occurs? Philosophy is considered as a tough subject by several students as it includes detailed knowledge related to every topic.

It is divided into several categories

It is divided into several categories according to the study of a specific topic like metaphysics, theoretical philosophy or logical philosophy. A philosopher is that person who has studied about the reason behind the natural things and that person can explain these reasons to others also. An individual can’t understand those tough concepts of philosophy by using rote learning because philosophy explains the reasons. It doesn’t allow you to rote the things for getting good marks in paper as this cannot increase your knowledge. You have to be devoted towards philosophy to understand its concepts related to ideas, life facts or history.

When your mind thinks regarding a

When your mind thinks regarding a specific topic, and it wants an answer to erase your confusion. Then, you try to find an appropriate answer and when you get an accurate answer to satisfy your brain, you are considered a philosopher. Philosophy increases the thinking power of the mind as it is the most important part of the body. Humans can only control a small portion of their brain, but if they control their whole brain, then their thinking power gets increased than a normal person. These organisms are called genius as they can solve any calculation through their brain if their brain is fully activated than others.

Philosophy: The Queen of Sciences

Science is the study of body functions, mathematical concepts, biological functions and chemical reactions. But, philosophy is the study of all those topics that have a reason. Philosophers used to search this reason, if they become successful, then philosophers are awarded with prizes. Philosophy has given birth to science including the subjects that come under it like biology, physics, chemistry along with maths. It allows an organism to read about the origin of universe, its components along with its importance. Aristotle was a scientist who had discovered about the species, they had provided the difference between animals and humans.

After the discovery of Aristotle, these things are taken into a separate subject that is biology. Philosophy is used to enhance the logical power of students, that’s why philosophy has to be studied before taking the intense knowledge related to any topic. It makes you good at writing and speaking as language is a part of philosophy. But, the importance of philosophy is diminishing as learners think that it waste their time. These learners don’t focus on philosophy that affects their thinking power as they can’t apply logic. They used to think in a complicated way that is entirely wrong.

Suppose, you are taking the detailed knowledge as you want to discover new things. After the completion of your study, when you have to present your work in front of the audience, you are unable to explain your work to other people. Its reason is the lack of language or logical skills that are the part of philosophy, and you skipped it. Philosophy makes the base of a person, if this base is not strong, then it interrupts your carreer path. It is the search of truth, and the aim to study science is to know the accurate information.

The origin of science is the philosophy, so a philosopher can become a scientist by gaining extra information. The logical information is required to grab detailed information fast rather than others as they don’t have this knowledge. Science is incomplete without philosophy as it provides a general idea behind a complicated thing. Suppose, you are having a kite, you know that it flies in the sky by its four corners. Then, your mind gets a clue that its four corners provides it the support to remain fixed in the sky. This support is called force in the scientific language, that’s how, philosophy helps to get an accurate solution through a basic idea.